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Steamtramp Blues 4 Track EP by The Big Faux Fibbers


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Sat 29th April -The Big Faux Fibbers at The Forest Tavern, E7

With Steve White and The Protest Family

Free entry (Donations pleas)


2nd-4th June - The Acoustic Festival Of Britain, Uttoxeter

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The Faux Fibbers are Nigel and Jerry Wigens on guitar. ( Michael is getting increasingly busy with film projects - https://www.facebook.com/frindallprod/ ) - A bit like The Big Fibbers but not as big and more faux. They play all The Big Fibbers hits plus some new songs. The new songs are about. amongst other things, coalmining crows, hangovers, old girlfriends and dwarfs (in cupboards)  


Nigel and Michael joined by three very interesting musicians to form their phsycaldelic, country, jazz, band.

Dave - Percussion

Stanley - Violin, Whistles

Ian - Euphonium, Slide Clarinet

see - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltsHbFXM4Cw&feature=youtu.be 

Acoustic festival of britain 2015

" FFA (festivals for all) finished the night with the frankly surreal The Big Fibbers. It would be rude not to. They are an established AFoB favourite and no wonder. Suitably barmy  but with a wickedly comic undercurrant of pathos thrown in the mix, they are two very funny and very entertaing coves" Barrie Dimond - festivalsforall.com

The Faux Fibbers

Welcome to The Big Fibbers      

A Riot of Absurdist Blues And Fabulist Folk ! 

Take one dancing fool who sings a bit and plays some strange wind instruments and a failed pantomime villain on accoustic guitar and you get some acoustic cabaret punked up pop - whatever that is.

The Big Fibbers - a dangerously different duo from a dark kettle of fish. They write songs about booze, madness, the ghosts of love, aliens, fish and even more booze.
One of the most energetic acoustic acts on the circuit - driven by Michael McDonough Jones' explosive and dynamic guitar playing, whilst colourful frontman Nigel Knapp entertains any and every audience.
And the onstage banter - between themselves and the crowd - is unusally worth listening to: sometimes comic, sometimes sad, quite often surreal and almost always in English.
From the sublime to the ridiculous they fall somewhere between humour and despair with bits of mayhem and beauty thrown in for good measure. They don't deal in clichés. They are.............

See and hear what the Fibbers are like on our new video page.

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Every Wednesday afternoon The BIG Fibbers take tea at the Ritz, 3 o'clock onwards, so come along and meet and greet them and find out all about their past musical endeavours. Or see the Band Biog page to find out more about them.

To invite them out on a date, buy them some beer, review one of their gigs, make some insane comments about the band or even book them for a gig please contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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