Michael McDonough-Jones

The Big Fibbers – The Bigger Fibbers

“….old ham re-emerges as bearded, would-be-villain……” – Panto Monthly

Roll of drums,curtain rises, smoke billows and parts – “He’s behind you…… HE’S BEHIND YOU !!”

Who he?

He who was in the ground breaking performance Art ensemble The Event Group, of Cabaret Futura infamy

He who was a Cavalier and half of duo Cagliostra for El records

He who wrote and toured (dance company in tow) ‘A Perfect Action’ – an operetta about cricket.

He who was a 6-stringed love-god with The Ectomorph on Woronzow records.

He who was a purveyor of hallucinogenic cock-tail music inside The Imperial starship of Noise at Don & Dave’s Emporium of Mirth.

He who writes delicate and unusual songs of love and O’level history with Sarah-Jane Summerfield.

Who he???? – He – MICHAEL McDONOUGH-JONES – guitars, backing vocals and electric cricket bat
with The BIG Fibbers.

Smoke thickens, lights fade…..

“HE’S STILL behind you………”

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