Jerry Wigens

The Faux Fibbers

Jerry Wigens is a guitarist and clarinet player who has been actively involved in bands since the late 70s and 80s when he played guitar in Rejects (later to become The Homosexuals), and The Republic who had two releases on Charlie Gillett’s Oval record label. He was also involved with experimental outfit Milk from Cheltenham.

More recently there were spells with country band East Lonesome Drifters and Brechtian pranksters the Rude Mechanicals before The Faux Fibbers were formed with Nigel Knapp in 2015.

Jerry is also active on the London improvisation scene making appearances with the London Improvisers Orchestra and with his trio Glowering Figs.

Michael McDonough-Jones

The Big Fibbers – The Bigger Fibbers

“….old ham re-emerges as bearded, would-be-villain……” – Panto Monthly

Roll of drums,curtain rises, smoke billows and parts – “He’s behind you…… HE’S BEHIND YOU !!”

Who he?

He who was in the ground breaking performance Art ensemble The Event Group, of Cabaret Futura infamy

He who was a Cavalier and half of duo Cagliostra for El records

He who wrote and toured (dance company in tow) ‘A Perfect Action’ – an operetta about cricket.

He who was a 6-stringed love-god with The Ectomorph on Woronzow records.

He who was a purveyor of hallucinogenic cock-tail music inside The Imperial starship of Noise at Don & Dave’s Emporium of Mirth.

He who writes delicate and unusual songs of love and O’level history with Sarah-Jane Summerfield.

Who he???? – He – MICHAEL McDONOUGH-JONES – guitars, backing vocals and electric cricket bat
with The BIG Fibbers.

Smoke thickens, lights fade…..

“HE’S STILL behind you………”

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