Up Coming - 

All gigs Faux Fibbers unless stated.

Sat 17th Feb - The Anchor & Hope, Clapton E5 9HE

15 High Hill Ferry

A Riot of Absurdist Blues and Bonkers Pop !

2 x 45 min sets    Free entry    show starts at 8.30 - ish

Gigs so far 2024

2oth Jan - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

All gigs 2023 

all gigs Faux Fibbers unless stated

21st Jan - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

18th Feb - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

17th March - The Royal Sovereign, Clapton

18th March - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

15th April -  Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Fri 19th May - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Sat 20th May - Strongroom Bar, Shoreditch

Fri 24th May - Bay Horse Inn, Totnes

Sun 26th May - Queens Head, Monmouth

Sat 17th June - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Wed 21st June - The Royal Sovereign, Clapton

Sat 15th July - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Sat 19th Aug - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Sat 16th Sept - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Fri 29th Sept - MRLP Conference, Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid-Wales

Sat 30th Sept - MRLP Conference, Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid-Wales

Sat 14th Oct - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Sat 18th Nov - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Sat 15th Dec - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Tue 15th Dec - Fibbers and Flea-pits christmas show - The Royal Sovereign, Clapton                                                                                                                                   (with Nigel Burch & The Flea-pit Orchestra)


All gigs 2022 - 

all  Faux Fibbers gigs unless stated

15th Jan - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

19th Feb - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

19th March - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

16th April - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

4th May - The Lucky Rover, Chessington - MRLP Victory Party

21st May - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

4th June - The Manor Gardening Association Allotment Party

18th June - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

16th July - The Molesey Regatta

23rd July - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

6th Aug - The Surrey Steampunk Convivial, Stoneleigh

20th Aug - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

17th Sept - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

15th Oct - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

22nd Oct - Surrey Steampunk Convivial, Stoneleigh

19th Nov - Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Significant Gigs 2021 

all Faux Fibber gigs unless stated

11th July - Live on Soho Radio, The House of Pickles Show

22nd July - Chickenstock Festival, Kent

Sun 31st July - Music in Talacre Gardens, Kentish Town

Fri 24th /Sat 25th Sept - MRLP Annual Conference, Louth, Lincs

Wed 27th Oct - The Hope &  Anchor. Islington - Blang Records night

Sun 31st Oct - The Surrey Steampunk Convivial, Stoneleigh

Sat 6th Nov - The Red Lion, Llangynidr, Wales

Sun 7th Nov - Queen's Head, Monmouth, Wales

  All gigs - 2020

18th Jan - Anchor & Hope, Clapton (Faux Fibbers)

15th Feb -Anchor & Hope, Clapton (Faux Fibbers)

And then - lockdown  .........

And so we got into a bit of Live Streaming .......

13th June - in Jerry's back garden for The Radnor Fringe Virtual Festival - 21st June

18th Sept - Launch of 'Learn to Lie' - from the Antarctic Room, N16

19th Sept  - another launch - aboard The Floating Boulangerie, Regents Canal, Vickey Park

18th Oct - High in Highbury - on top of a 16 storey tower block just off Highbury Corner

19th Nov - A night with Molly May - from The Antarctic Room

(all these live streams can now be viewed on The Faux Fibbers  You Tube page)

Significant gigs - 2019

23rd Feb - Surrey Steampunk Convivial, Stoneliegh  (Big Faux Fibbers)

16th March - The Anchor & Hope, Clapton  (Faux Fibbers )

13th April - The Old Mill, Llanidloes  (Faux Fibbers)

14th April - The Goose & Cuckoo, Upper Llanover, Mommouthshire  (Faux Fibbers )

20th April - The Anchor & Hope, Clapton  (Faux Fibbers )

4th May - Festival of Celts, Llandeilo  (Big Fibbers)

5th May - Space@Mach, Machynlleth  (Big Fibbers)

8th June  - Stoke Newington Literary Festival, The Budvar Tent (Faux Fibbers)

8th - 11th Aug - Phoenix Alternative Festival, The Workhouse, Llanfyllin  (Big Fibbers)

10th  Aug - Brecon Fringe Festival, Brecon Cathedral !  (BigFibbers)

28th Sept - M.R.L.P. annual conference, Belper , Derbyshire (Big Fibbers)

5th Oct - Gower Cider Festival    (Faux Fibbers))

3rd Nov - Queens Head , Monmouth (Faux Fibbers)

21st Dec - The Faux Fibbers Christmas Show,The Anchor & Hope, Clapton

Significant Gigs - 2018

25th Jan - Mascara Bar N16, Burn's Night (Faux Fibbers)

4th Feb - Royal Sovereign E5, (Faux Fibbers )

10th Feb - A Night of Fibberry, Limes Bar, Folkstone ( Big, Faux, Beaux, Big Faux & The Bigger Fibbers )

9th March - The White Lion, Aberdare, (Faux Fibbers)

10th March - The Old Mill, Llanidloes (Faux Fibbers)

5th May - The Gower Cider Festival, Nr Swansea (Big Fibbers)

3rd June - The Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxeter - 2 gigs (The Bigger Fibbers)

14th June - MRLP Victory Party - Catford Constitutional Club (Nigel Knapp - Solo !) 

28th July - Surry Steampunk Convivial, New Maldon  (Big Faux Fibbers) 

11th Aug - The Castle Hotel, Brecon Fringe Festival (Big Fibbers)

11th Aug - Pilgrims, Cathedral close, Brecon Fringe Festival (Big Fibbers)

12th Aug - Phoenix Alt Festival, Llanfyllin Workhouse (Big Fibbers)

17th Aug - The Old Mill, Llanidloes, Mid-Wales (Faux Fibbers)

18th Aug - Sunrise Celebration Festival, Herefordshire (Faux Fibbers)

19th Aug - Landed Festival, Mid-Wales (Faux Fibbers)

28th Sept - M.R.L.P. Conference, Belper, Derbyshire (Big Beaux Faux Fibbers)

6th Oct - Gower Cider Festival, Nr Swansea (Faux Fibbers)

15th Dec - Lime Bar, Folkstone (Bigger Fibbers) 

 Significant gigs - 2017

3rd Feb - Blang @ The Ivy House, Peckham (Big Faux Fibbers)

18th Feb - Limes Bar, Folkstone  (Big Faux Fibbers)

3rd - 6th March - 4th Derby tour (Big Fibbers) - Nags Head, Belper. Church Inn, Darley Dale. Bunny Hop , Langley Mill. Fishpond, Matlock Bath. Radio Amber, Ripley. Bull shed, Nr Belper.

29th April - Forest Tavern, E7 (Big Faux Fibbers)

2nd-4th June - The Acoustic Festival, Uttoxetter (Faux Fibbers)

8th June - M.R.L.P. Victory Party, Liquor Works, Holloway (Big Faux Fibbers)

23rd June - Old Mill, Llanidoes, Wales (Faux Fibbers)

24th June - Radnor Fringe Festival, Llandrindod Wells, Wales (Faux Fibbers)

11th Aug - Phoenix Alternative Festival, Llanfyllin, Wales (Big Fibbers)

17th Sept - Steampunk Records Roadshow - Kemble Airfield, Nr Cirencester (Big Faux Fibbers)

7th Oct - Gower cider Festival, Nr Swansea (Big Fibbers)

8th - Oct - Old Nags Head, Monmouth (Big Fibbers)

14th Oct - Limes, Folkstone (Big Faux Fibbers)

20th Oct - Steampunk Records Roadshow, The Cricketers, Kingston (Big Faux Fibbers)

22nd Oct - Steampunk Records Roadshow, Prince Albert, Brighton (Big Faux Fibbers)

28th Oct - The George and Dragon, Belper, Derbyshire (Big Fibbers)

24th Nov - The Triple crowns, Richmond (Faux Fibbers)

16th Dec - The Mascara christmas party, N16 (Faux Fibbers)

23rd Dec - The Deli Downstairs, Hackney (Faux Fibbers - completely acoustic)

Some of our more significant gigs over the years


25th Feb - 28th Feb - The 2nd Derbyshire tour - The Crown, Heanor. Nags Head, Belper. The Lion, Belper. The Bull Shed, nr Belper

3rd April - The Royal Soveriegn E5  (Faux Fibbers)

8th May - Gower Cider Festival

3rd/4th June - Acoustic Festival , Uttoxetter

17th June - Limes Bar, Folkstone

5th/6th Aug - Victoriana/Steampunk Weekend, Llandrindod Wells

11th-13th Aug - Pheonix Alternative Festival, Llanfyllin

20th Aug - Limes Bar, Folkstone

1st Oct - MRLP Conference, Blackpool

7th-9th Oct - Faux Fibbers tour of Wales - Sarha Siddons, Brecon. Oxjam, Lladrindod Wells. Oxjam, Brecon. Kilkenny Cat, Llanelli.

14th-17th - 3rd tour of Derby shire - Nags Head, Belper. Crown, Heanor. Bunny Hop, Langley Mill. Fishpond, Matlock Bath. Bull Shed, Belper.

24th Nov - Royal Soveriegn, E5

1st Dec - MRLP victory party, 3 Crowns, Richmond


21st Jan - 25th The Derbyshire Dales Tour - The Hollybush, Makeney. Poet & Castle, Codnor. The Barley Mow, Bonsall. The Bulls'Head, Belper, The Fishpond, Matlock Bath.

1st April - Monster Mash single launch - The Rhythm Factory, London E1 (The Bigger Fibbers)

7th May - MRLP Victory Party, The New Rose N1

9th May - Cider festival, Gower Heritage Center, Nr Swansea

23rd/24th May - Wild Boar Blues Festival, Upper Cwmtwrch, Nr Swansea (nigel & jerry wigens)

19th June - The Ivy House, London SE15 (Bigger Fibbers)

20th/21st June - The Acoustic Festival, Uttoxeter

Sun 16th Aug - The Phoenix Alternative Festival, Llanfyllin Workhouse, Powys

29th Aug - Steampunk Extravaganza, Llandrindod Wells

26th Sept - MRLP Conference, Blackpool

26th Sept - MRLP Conference, Blackpool


24th Jan - The Old Nags Head, Monmouth

25th Jan - The Pontardawe Inn, Nr Swansea

17th May - Antifolk Festival, 12 Bar Club. (The Bigger Fibbers)

30/31st May - The Acoustic Festival, Uttoxeter

8th June - The Heart of Rock & Blues Festival, Builth Wells

25th July - The Green Valley Blues Festival

26th July - The Pontardawe Inn, Pontardawe

9th/10th Aug - Brecon Fringe Festival, Mid Wales

17th Sept - The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel E1 (The Bigger Fibbers)

26th Sept - M.R.L. P. Annual Conference - Llandirndod Well

17th Oct - Old nags Head - Monmouth

18th Oct - The Ridgebourne Inn - Llandrindod Wells

3rd Dec - Rhythm Factory, Whitechaplel, E1 (The Bigger Fibbers)


4th May - The Landed Festival, Rhayader, Mid-Wales

1st/2nd June - The Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxeter

28th/29th June - The Urban Blues & Roots Festival - Nr. Swindon

9th - 11th Aug - Brecon Fringe, Mid Wales

27th/28th Sept - M.R.L.P Annual Conference

5th Oct - Royal Sovereign E5, 10 yrs of Fibbing !

10th Oct - Live on BRfm

12th Oct - Gower Cider Festival


3rd March - Slapper's Club, Quo Vardis, Dean St

31st March - Album Launch! The Royal Soveriegn, E5

13th April - Holloway Tales @ Tate Britain

27th-29th April - The Blues Fest. of Wales, Upper Cwmtwrch

4th -6th May - Landed Festival, Rhayader. Mid Wales

18th May - Anti-folk festival, 12 bar club, denmark st

25th-26th May - The Acoustic Fest. of Britain, Uttoxeter

10th June - Holloway Arts Fest.

11/12/th Aug - Brecon Fringe Festival , Mid-Wales

14th Aug - Live on Made in Wales, BRfm

13th Sept - Holloway Tales Book Launch , Holloway rd

28th/29th Sept - MRLP Annual Conference, The White Hart, Uttoxeter.

13th Oct - Gower Cider Festival. South Wales


9th Jan - Holloway Tales @ The 12 Bar

17th Feb - Holloway Tales on Resonance FM

22nd Jan - MRLP Bash - Llandrindod Wells, Mid-Wales

1st April -The Bucket of Fools - The Royal Soveriegn, E5

20th/21st May - The Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxeter

15th June - Holloway Arts Festival, London

17th June - Loony Music Party - Llanwrtyd Wells

29th July- Ealing Summer Fringe Festival

4th Aug Cambridge Rock Festival

12/13/14th Aug - Brecon Fringe

23rd Sept - MRLP Annual Conference, Fleet, Hamps

25th Sept - Out of the Ordinary Festival, West Sussex


6th March - The Gypsy Hotel @ Bardens Boudoir, N16

10th April - MRLP Manifesto Launch - The Royal Sovereign, E5

24th April - Ridgebourne Inn, Llandrinod Wells, Wales - Lord Offa's Monster Raving Loony Victory Party

2nd May - Concsious Cabaret, Brighton

5th May - MRLP Victory party - East Molesey

21st/22nd/23rd May- Acoustic Festival of Britain Mayfest - Uttoxeter

6th/8th Aug - Brecon Fringe, Brecon, Wales

24th/25th Sept - OMRLP Conference, Fleet, Hamps

The Wells Tour -1st/2nd Oct - White Hart, Builth Wells/New Inn, Newbury on Wye

8th/9th Oct - Nuedd Inn, Llanwrtyd Wells/Fagin's, Taff Wells

20th Dec - Slappers Club @ The Crazy Bear


19th Feb - Hobgoblin. Islington

9th May - World's End, Finsbury Park

17th May - Owlsworld @ Wax, Islington ( The Fibbers 150th gig!)

22nd/23rd/24th May - Acoustic Festival of Britain - Derbyshire

27th Stokey Rocks @ Bardens, Dalston

19th/20th June - Monster Raving Music Party, Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales

13th July - Blang @ 12 Bar, Denmark st.

19th Sept - Out of the Ordinary Festival, Sussex

26th Sept - MRLP Annual Conference. Hook, Hamps


12th Jan - Keith Hughes Birthday Bash - Wantage, Oxon

19th Feb - Soundbites, Kentish Town

21st March - MRLP, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party,

16th May - Anti-Folk Festival , 12 Bar, Denmark St.

17th May- The Gypsy Hotel, Dalston

14th Aug - The Lion, Stoke Newington - N16 Fringe Festival

11th Sept - The Lion, Stoke Newington - The Last Ever Bucket of Fun

26th/27th - MRLP Annual Conference, Hook, Hamps

3rd Oct - Hanwell Church Hall ("one of the strangest gigs I’ve ever played" - Nigel)

7th/8th Nov - Monster Raving Music Party, Llanwryd Wells, Wales


17th Feb - Anti Folk Festival - 12 Bar, Denmark st.

18th Feb - The Hob, Forest Hill - 1st Sunday Bucket

24th May - The Walrus, Waterloo. - 1st Bucket of Burlesque

22nd June - Old Grey Horse, Kingston. - Another Bucket of Fun

21st July - Main Stage, Whitstable Oyster Festival

18th Aug - Newington Green Summer Festival

9th/10th Nov - The Monster Raving Music Party, Llanwrtyd wells, Wales


6th May - Anti-Folk Festival, 12 Bar, Denmark St.

20th July - Wilmington Arms, Clerkenwell - 1st gig with The Maiden Aren’ts

28th July - Duke of Cumberland, Whitstable, - Oyster Festival

19th Aug - Newington Green Summer Festival

11th Sept - The Blang, 12 Bar, Denmark St. - with Maiden Aren’ts

19th Nov - The Walrus, Waterloo - 1st Bucket of Fun - South

16th Dec - Newington Green Christmas Fayre


5th March - The Shakespeare, Stoke Newington. - MRLP manifesto launch

29th April - Bodrum Café, Stoke Newington. - 1st Beautiful Bucket of Fun

20th Aug - Newington Green Summer Festival

20th Aug - Abney Hall, Stoke Newington. - N16 Fringe Festival

14th Sept - The Blang Club, 12 BarSt., Denmark St.

15th Oct - Anti-Folk Festival, 12 Bar, Denmark


15th March - Spice of Life, Cambridge Circus.

19th April - Half Moon, Putney.

17th May - Filthy McNastys, Islington

21st Aug - Newington Green summer Festival

6th Dec - Madame Jo Jos, Soho


The Fibbers first ever public performance - 30th Sept - The J cubed, Islington

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