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Sat 15th Dec - The Bigger Fibbers in Folkstone

The Beaux Fibbers will be joined by The Faux Fibbers...for the last time at Lime Bar Cafe...becoming The Bigger Fibbers!! Please join us for an evening of songs about space, booze, Blue Peter presenters (well one..) and more booze..there may even be a Christmas number planned...
As if this was not momentous enough..the evening will also include the dark, humorous presence of Folkestone's very own Monkey on a Trike..
Therefore making the 15th Dec a must for the diaries..we can't wait and hope to see you there!






 Gigs so far - 2018

25th Jan - Mascara Bar N16, Burn's Night (Faux Fibbers)

4th Feb - Royal Sovereign E5, (Faux Fibbers )

10th Feb - A Night of Fibberry, Limes Bar, Folkstone ( Big, Faux, Beaux, Big Faux & The Bigger Fibbers )

9th March - The White Lion, Aberdare, (Faux Fibbers)

10th March - The Old Mill, Llanidloes (Faux Fibbers)

5th May - The Gower Cider Festival, Nr Swansea (Big Fibbers)

3rd June - The Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxeter - 2 gigs (The Bigger Fibbers)

14th June - MRLP Victory Party - Catford Constitutional Club (Nigel Knapp - Solo !)

20th July - Anti-folk Jam - The Harrison, Kings Cross (Faux Fibbers) 

28th July - Surry Steampunk Convivial, New Maldon  (Big Faux Fibbers) 

11th Aug - The Castle Hotel, Brecon Fringe Festival (Big Fibbers)

11th Aug - Pilgrims, Cathedral close, Brecon Fringe Festival (Big Fibbers)

12th Aug - Phoenix Alt Festival, Llanfyllin Workhouse (Big Fibbers)

17th Aug - The Old Mill, Llanidloes, Mid-Wales (Faux Fibbers)

18th Aug - Sunrise Celebration Festival, Herefordshire (Faux Fibbers)

19th Aug - Landed Festival, Mid-Wales (Faux Fibbers)

28th Sept - M.R.L.P. Conference, Belper, Derbyshire (Big Beaux Faux Fibbers)

6th Oct - Gower Cider Festival, Nr Swansea (Faux Fibbers)


All gigs - 2017

13th Jan - The Last Bohemia, Bohemia Bar, Hackney (Faux Fibbers)

3rd Feb - Blang @ The Ivy House, Peckham (Big Faux Fibbers)

18th Feb - Limes Bar, Folkstone  (Big Faux Fibbers)

3rd - 6th March - 4th Derby tour (Big Fibbers) - Nags Head, Belper. Church Inn, Darley Dale. Bunny Hop , Langley Mill. Fishpond, Matlock Bath. Radio Amber, Ripley. Bull shed, Nr Belper.

29th April - Forest Tavern, E7 (Big Faux Fibbers)

2nd-4th June - The Acoustic Festival, Uttoxetter (Faux Fibbers)

8th June - M.R.L.P. Victory Party, Liquor Works, Holloway (Big Faux Fibbers)

23rd June - Old Mill, Llanidoes, Wales (Faux Fibbers)

24th June - Radnor Fringe Festival, Llandrindod Wells, Wales (Faux Fibbers)

22nd July - Johnny Cash Night, Macara Bar, N16 (Faux Fibbers)

11th Aug - Phoenix Alternative Festival, Llanfyllin, Wales (Big Fibbers)

7th Sept - Assembly House, Kentish Town, (Faux Fibbers)

17th Sept - Steampunk Records Roadshow - Kemble Airfield, Nr Cirencester (Big Faux Fibbers)

7th Oct - Gower cider Festival, Nr Swansea (Big Fibbers)

8th - Oct - Old Nags Head, Monmouth (Big Fibbers)

14th Oct - Limes, Folkstone (Big Faux Fibbers)

20th Oct - Steampunk Records Roadshow, The Cricketers, Kingston (Big Faux Fibbers)

22nd Oct - Steampunk Records Roadshow, Prince Albert, Brighton (Big Faux Fibbers)

28th Oct - The George and Dragon, Belper, Derbyshire (Big Fibbers)

24th Nov - The Triple crowns, Richmond (Faux Fibbers)

16th Dec - The Mascara christmas party, N16 (Faux Fibbers)

23rd Dec - The Deli Downstairs, Hackney (Faux Fibbers - completely acoustic)

Gigs in 2016

25th-29th Feb - The 2nd Derbyshire Dales Tour - The Crown, Heanor. Nags Head, Belper. The Lion, Belper, The Bull Shed, Handley Farm

3rd April - The Royal Soveriegn, London E8 (Faux Fibbers)

5th May - MRLP Victory Party, The Kilkenny Kat, Llanelli, S.Wales

8th May - Cheese & Cider Festival. Gower Heritage Center, S. Wales

3rd-4th June - The Acoustic Festival, Uttoxeter

10th June - The Royal Soveriegn, London (Faux Fibbers)

17th June - Limes Bar, Folkestone, Kent

2nd July - Spoonful of Poision, Ed VII, Statford, London, E15 (Faux Fibbers)

5th/6th Aug - Steampunk weekend, Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales

11th Aug - Phoenix Alternative Festival, Llanfyllin, N. Wales

20th Aug - Lime's Bar, Folkstone, Kent

1st Oct - MRLP Conference, Blackpool

7th - 9th Oct - The Faux Fibbers Mini Tour of Wales - Sarah Siddons, Brecon. Oxjam, Llandrindod Wells.

Oxjam, Brecon. The Kilkenny Cat, Llanellie.

14th- 17th Oct - The Third Tour of Derbyshire - Old Nags Head, Belper. The Crown, Heanor. The Bunny Hop, Langley Mill. The Fishpond, Matlock Bath. The Bull Shed, Belper End Lane.

18th Nov - The Bohemia, Hackney, London, E8 (Faux Fibbers)

24th Nov - The Royal Soveriegn, London, E5 (Faux Fibbers)

1st Dec - Triple Crowns, Richmond. MRLP Victory Party (Faux Fibbers)

11th Dec - Boho, London, Camden (Faux Fibbers)

18th Dec - Mascara Bar, London, N16 (Faux Fibbers)

Gigs in 2015

21st Jan - 25th The Derbyshire Dales Tour - The Hollybush, Makeney. Poet & Castle, Codnor. The Barley Mow, Bonsall. The Bulls'Head, Belper, The Fishpond, Matlock Bath.

13th March - Old Nags Head, Monmouth

14th - The Ridgebourne Inn, Llandrindod Wells

1st April - Monster Mash single launch - The Rhythm Factory, London E1 (The Bigger Fibbers)

16th April -Gig with no name, Mascara bar N16 (The Bigger Fibbers)

23rd April - St George's Day, Royal Soveriegn E8

7th May - MRLP Victory Party, The New Rose N1

9th May - Cider festival, Gower Heritage Center, Nr Swansea

23rd/24th May - Wild Boar Blues Festival, Upper Cwmtwrch, Nr Swansea (nigel & jerry wigens)

7th June - The Pontardawe Inn, Nr Swansea

19th June - The Ivy House, London SE15

20th/21st June - The Acoustic Festival, Uttoxeter

Fri 31st July- The Bohemia, Hackney E8 (Nigel & Jerry - The Faux Fibbers)

Wed 12th Aug - The Erractic Review, Vout-O-Reenee's, E1 (The Faux Fibbers)

Sun 16th Aug - The Phoenix Alternative Festival, Llanfyllin Workhouse, Powys

28th Aug - The Lamb, Builth Wells

29th - Steampunk Extravaganza, Llandrindod Wells

30th - The Ridgebourne Inn, Llandrindod Wells

26th Sept - MRLP Conference, Blackpool

10th Oct - Gower cider festival, Nr Swansea

17th Oct - The Bohemia, Hackney E8 ( The Faux Fibbers)

17th Dec - Mascara Bar, N16 (the Faux Fibbers)

Some of our more significant gigs over the years


24th Jan - The Old Nags Head, Monmouth

25th Jan - The Pontardawe Inn, Nr Swansea

17th May - Antifolk Festival, 12 Bar Club. (The Bigger Fibbers)

30/31st May - The Acoustic Festival, Uttoxeter

8th June - The Heart of Rock & Blues Festival, Builth Wells

25th July - The Green Valley Blues Festival

26th July - The Pontardawe Inn, Pontardawe

9th/10th Aug - Brecon Fringe Festival, Mid Wales

17th Sept - The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel E1 (The Bigger Fibbers)

26th Sept - M.R.L. P. Annual Conference - Llandirndod Well

17th Oct - Old nags Head - Monmouth

18th Oct - The Ridgebourne Inn - Llandrindod Wells

3rd Dec - Rhythm Factory, Whitechaplel, E1 (The Bigger Fibbers)


4th May - The Landed Festival, Rhayader, Mid-Wales

1st/2nd June - The Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxeter

28th/29th June - The Urban Blues & Roots Festival - Nr. Swindon

9th - 11th Aug - Brecon Fringe, Mid Wales

27th/28th Sept - M.R.L.P Annual Conference

5th Oct - Royal Sovereign E5, 10 yrs of Fibbing !

10th Oct - Live on BRfm

12th Oct - Gower Cider Festival


3rd March - Slapper's Club, Quo Vardis, Dean St

31st March - Album Launch! The Royal Soveriegn, E5

13th April - Holloway Tales @ Tate Britain

27th-29th April - The Blues Fest. of Wales, Upper Cwmtwrch

4th -6th May - Landed Festival, Rhayader. Mid Wales

18th May - Anti-folk festival, 12 bar club, denmark st

25th-26th May - The Acoustic Fest. of Britain, Uttoxeter

10th June - Holloway Arts Fest.

11/12/th Aug - Brecon Fringe Festival , Mid-Wales

14th Aug - Live on Made in Wales, BRfm

13th Sept - Holloway Tales Book Launch , Holloway rd

28th/29th Sept - MRLP Annual Conference, The White Hart, Uttoxeter.

13th Oct - Gower Cider Festival. South Wales


9th Jan - Holloway Tales @ The 12 Bar

17th Feb - Holloway Tales on Resonance FM

22nd Jan - MRLP Bash - Llandrindod Wells, Mid-Wales

1st April -The Bucket of Fools - The Royal Soveriegn, E5

20th/21st May - The Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxeter

15th June - Holloway Arts Festival, London

17th June - Loony Music Party - Llanwrtyd Wells

29th July- Ealing Summer Fringe Festival

4th Aug Cambridge Rock Festival

12/13/14th Aug - Brecon Fringe

23rd Sept - MRLP Annual Conference, Fleet, Hamps

25th Sept - Out of the Ordinary Festival, West Sussex


6th March - The Gypsy Hotel @ Bardens Boudoir, N16

10th April - MRLP Manifesto Launch - The Royal Sovereign, E5

24th April - Ridgebourne Inn, Llandrinod Wells, Wales - Lord Offa's Monster Raving Loony Victory Party

2nd May - Concsious Cabaret, Brighton

5th May - MRLP Victory party - East Molesey

21st/22nd/23rd May- Acoustic Festival of Britain Mayfest - Uttoxeter

6th/8th Aug - Brecon Fringe, Brecon, Wales

24th/25th Sept - OMRLP Conference, Fleet, Hamps

The Wells Tour -1st/2nd Oct - White Hart, Builth Wells/New Inn, Newbury on Wye

8th/9th Oct - Nuedd Inn, Llanwrtyd Wells/Fagin's, Taff Wells

20th Dec - Slappers Club @ The Crazy Bear


19th Feb - Hobgoblin. Islington

9th May - World's End, Finsbury Park

17th May - Owlsworld @ Wax, Islington ( The Fibbers 150th gig!)

22nd/23rd/24th May - Acoustic Festival of Britain - Derbyshire

27th Stokey Rocks @ Bardens, Dalston

19th/20th June - Monster Raving Music Party, Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales

13th July - Blang @ 12 Bar, Denmark st.

19th Sept - Out of the Ordinary Festival, Sussex

26th Sept - MRLP Annual Conference. Hook, Hamps


12th Jan - Keith Hughes Birthday Bash - Wantage, Oxon

19th Feb - Soundbites, Kentish Town

21st March - MRLP, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party,

16th May - Anti-Folk Festival , 12 Bar, Denmark St.

17th May- The Gypsy Hotel, Dalston

14th Aug - The Lion, Stoke Newington - N16 Fringe Festival

11th Sept - The Lion, Stoke Newington - The Last Ever Bucket of Fun

26th/27th - MRLP Annual Conference, Hook, Hamps

3rd Oct - Hanwell Church Hall ("one of the strangest gigs I’ve ever played" - Nigel)

7th/8th Nov - Monster Raving Music Party, Llanwryd Wells, Wales


17th Feb - Anti Folk Festival - 12 Bar, Denmark st.

18th Feb - The Hob, Forest Hill - 1st Sunday Bucket

24th May - The Walrus, Waterloo. - 1st Bucket of Burlesque

22nd June - Old Grey Horse, Kingston. - Another Bucket of Fun

21st July - Main Stage, Whitstable Oyster Festival

18th Aug - Newington Green Summer Festival

9th/10th Nov - The Monster Raving Music Party, Llanwrtyd wells, Wales


6th May - Anti-Folk Festival, 12 Bar, Denmark St.

20th July - Wilmington Arms, Clerkenwell - 1st gig with The Maiden Aren’ts

28th July - Duke of Cumberland, Whitstable, - Oyster Festival

19th Aug - Newington Green Summer Festival

11th Sept - The Blang, 12 Bar, Denmark St. - with Maiden Aren’ts

19th Nov - The Walrus, Waterloo - 1st Bucket of Fun - South

16th Dec - Newington Green Christmas Fayre


5th March - The Shakespeare, Stoke Newington. - MRLP manifesto launch

29th April - Bodrum Café, Stoke Newington. - 1st Beautiful Bucket of Fun

20th Aug - Newington Green Summer Festival

20th Aug - Abney Hall, Stoke Newington. - N16 Fringe Festival

14th Sept - The Blang Club, 12 BarSt., Denmark St.

15th Oct - Anti-Folk Festival, 12 Bar, Denmark


15th March - Spice of Life, Cambridge Circus.

19th April - Half Moon, Putney.

17th May - Filthy McNastys, Islington

21st Aug - Newington Green summer Festival

6th Dec - Madame Jo Jos, Soho


The Fibbers first ever public performance - 30th Sept - The J cubed, Islington

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