The Faux Fibbers ‘Learn to Lie’

Very good, some very funny interesting songs. Someone, somewhere, one day will get to know of the song writing prowess of Nigel Knapp and Jerry Wigens, and they will become very rich from others recording their material. If ‘The Fibbers’ don’t get there first. This set of songs is excellent.” –
Alan ‘Laud Howling’ Hope. Leader of The Monster Raving Loony Party

Brecon fringe 2018

      The Big Fibbers! Positively bonkers – really uplifting music, you can’t help but smile watching these guys!”

The Pilgrims, Cathedral Close, Brecon

Acoustic Festival of Britain 2015

FFA (festivals for all) finished the night with the frankly surreal The Big Fibbers. It would be rude not to. They are an established AFoB favourite and no wonder. Suitably barmy  but with a wickedly comic undercurrant of pathos thrown in the mix, they are two very funny and very entertaining coves.”

Barrie Dimond -
June 2015

Festival scene-stealers…

The Big Fibbers, are not strictly a blues act but are certainly destined for bigger things and much more media exposure. The London duo at first perplexed but then totally won over the crowd with a mix of surreal comedy verging on the inexplicable.

With songs entitled, Armadillos Are Taking over Texas, My Girlfriend is an Alien and Valerie Singleton Has Seen Me Naked, fans were asked to sing along and found themselves doing so without realising.”

Wales Online Magazine at The Wild Boar festival
28 July 2014


That very British institution the Official Monster Raving Loony Party has fielded many a candidate and, love them or loathe them, no election would be vaguely democratic without them.

Following in the tradition of the party’s links to music (via it’s founder, Screaming Lord Sutch), the local OMRL candidate Nigel Knapp has a new album out with Michael McDonough Jones in their guise as The Big Fibbers. Many a local over the years has been graced with their itching powdered ‘n’ beer fruited take on the folk-pop song – blithe lyrical anarchy, accompanied by some ruggedly acoustic guitar, occasional keys and the inevitable peewit of a swanee whistle.

Captured here on CD, there’s something quaint and old wordly about both subject and the beery fug-like delivery of a 1970’s Saturday evening in a univercity town’s black-beamed snug – you can almost hear the football rattles and rah-rah rag week collection boxes segueing into the gentle clack of ale jars and muffled chortles as Nigel spins woefully humerous tales of spaced-out, outer-space girlfriends and lamp-post pinball. When not trying to be so entertainingly comic, a gem such as ‘Fruit Cake & Gin’ emerges from the mirth and seems to lend surrealist stand-up confidence to the last few songs on the album – ‘Dead Man Blues’, ‘Armadillos’ and ‘Howling Were Wolf Blues’.

At 12 tracks long, with 3 bonus live tracks, it’s definitely worth going ray-guns at dawn with the competition: if you like your music with humour, served up as unpretentiosly as baked beans on toast – in the tradition of the Goons or Bonzos with John Otway stirred in, a few anti-folk lumps an’ all – this is for you.”

N16 Magazine. Summer 2013 - Music by Pete Bennett
01 July 2013

The Big Fibbers are big fun, no lie.

Their songs are touching (‘Booze, madness and the ghost of love’), relevant (‘I want to be normal, why can’t I be normal?’ – a song that pretty much everyone in the audience can identify with I speculate), and not least, nostalgic (‘I scream/You scream/beside the seaside…sorry, didn’t quite catch the full title). The lead singer’s t-shirt says it all really; paying homage to the Monster Raving Loony Party, and it occurs to me that the festival itself could be construed as a fundraising enterprise for the aforementioned cult of eccentricity, flippancy and downright recklessness. Great British eccentrics they are indeed; with a medieval, Shakespearian feel to their merrymaking. I went to see King Lear at the Globe recently and some of Tom O Bedlam’s rantings and ravings were not totally dissimilar in theme and import. They are the latter day Chas n Dave of anti-folk you could say, and might say, with a liberal dash of Keith Floyd thrown in.”

Gin Soaked Girl
Fibbers performance at spring Anti-folk festival 2008
30 June 2013

Some people have said they’re a bit like me – it was probably them.”

John Otway
16 April 2013

A bit like Billy Bragg if he was drunk and funny.

And if he wore pvc trousers.

And if he was a duo.”

16 September 2012

Not bad.”

Attila the Stockbroker
21 March 2012

Panto Popstars”

Time Out
10 February 2012

Funny lyrics and tuneful choruses –


The Monster Raving Loony Party, official website
12 March 2008

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